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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you photograph weddings or offer engagement sessions? 

I do not. As a photographer I’ve made a conscious effort to develop a specialty–maternity, babies and families. At this time I don’t offer anything else. If you’d like some fabulous recommendations, however, feel free to contact me.

Do you photograph births? 

I’m not currently photographing births, but feel free to contact me for a list of local photographers I recommend!

Do you offer mini sessions?

Themed Mini sessions are only occasionally offered, typically seasonally (fall or spring). Please watch my Facebook pages for any mini session announcements!
I do offer Mini Family and Maternity Session Year round

What time of day are your outdoor portrait sessions? 

I strongly recommend doing all of my sessions about an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset, with my preference being the evening golden hour. This time of day provides the prettiest and most flattering light, for sure–midday sessions are not something I offer, ever. I realize this can be complicated for families with young children who are used to early bedtimes, but I still recommend it if at all possible. Often, kiddos are happy to be up a late if they are outside having fun. If there’s no way to make a sunset session work, though, the next best option is an early morning session.

Where are your outdoor portrait sessions? 

Kansas City has several amazing parks! Some of my favorites at Shawnee Mission, Craigs Crossing, Black Hoof, Heritage park, and Loose Park
Where is your studio?

In the Westbottoms, KCMO
What's the difference between newborn studio and lifestyle?

Newborns Studio is at my studio, and has the traditional newborn props and fabric backdrops. Lifestyle is the more modern approach that takes place in your home with minimal props.
How many images will I receive?

A full session will render 50-60 edited photos, mini sessions average 15-25

What should we wear?

I offer an online stylist to help you put together the perfect outfits! Color coordinated outfits, but not too matchy matchy! No graphic tees with too many words or distracting images. We want the focus to be you! Feel free to message me and we can come up with some great options for you.

How much “Photoshopping” do you do to your pictures? 

In a general sense, I like to keep things as natural as possible. I will remove distracting blemishes or large dried skin flakes on babies, but in the end I always want my clients to look like themselves in their final pictures. I will not whiten teeth, do any figure slimming, or anything of that nature.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept cash, and paypal at

What is your turn-around time? 

My turn-around time is always 2 weeks or less for newborn sessions, and up to 3 weeks for family/child portraits. I often have family/child portraits back to you within 2 weeks, though.

How will I receive my final images? 

Once your images are ready I will send you an email with a link to view your online gallery. From this gallery you’ll be able to view your images, download the high-resolution files.

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